Customer Information


(Please retain this information for reference)


How it Works: 3 Simple Steps


  1. Choose and Purchase Your Rack and other options by coming in store or booking online. ALL BOOKINGS ARE PRE-PAID
  2. If Online Payment Is Made, Management will be in contact with you to select the date and How Long you would like to rent the rack or other options for (Selection Date and time is subject to availability). All Rentals are a MINIMUM of 1 Week and MAXIMUM of 3 Weeks. 
  3. Bring Tagged Clothing, and or Shoes, Jewellery to Rent That Rack on Commencement Date of Rental


What Next?


  • Rent That Rack staff will do the rest for you!
  • If your wondering how much you have sold – Come In-Store to find out! (If you have sold a lot, fill your rack with more clothing!) – Within rental period only. We are not responsible in notifying you on your sales!
  • At the end of your rental period – Rent That Rack will combine the total of what you have sold (by counting tags collected at Point of Sale) and pay this into your bank account* (Within 7 Days)
  • If you have items remaining at the end of your rental and do not wish to purchase another rack – you must come and collect your clothing STRICTLY by End of Close on the last day of rental agreement*


What Can I Bring? Please check with Rent That Rack Staff if you are unsure.

  • Women’s Clothing (No Underwear)
  • Men’s Clothing (No Underwear)
  • Children’s Clothing (No Underwear)
  • Jewellery/Accessories/Handbags (For rental of Closed Cabinet Options Only)


Rental Fees Information: 7-Day Weekly Rental (Rental Period EXCLUDES Public Holidays)


Important Information:


  1. Rental Fees are Pre-Paid, via online or in store (Direct Debit or Cash Accepted)* (You can purchase a starter pack valued at $5/pack which includes your price tags and safety pins to attach to clothing/accessories prior to your rental commencement date), or you can supply your own.
  2. A proof of rental receipt will be issued to the rack holder, which will be filled out and signed, by the rack holder and staff member on duty.
  3. Prior to rental commencement date, clothing brought in by the rack holder MUST BE TAGGED and PINNED to clothing with correct information – It is up to the Rack Holder to Determine Price of Their Goods 
  4. On the day of rental, the rack holder will fill in a Rack Holder Information Form.


What Options Do I Have?


  • Single Rack (Strictly up to 45 Garments)*: $79/Week
  • Double Rack (Strictly up to 100 Garments)*: $119/Week
  • Closed Cabinet SHELF (Each Item Can be Sold (UNDER $150): $65/Week 

Throughout the rental period, you may bring more clothing in only if you have sold garments– however this must be in accordance with Garment Number Allowance

Garment Allocation is subject to clothing size (please be aware bulky jackets and coats etc. may take up extra room). No overflowing allowed. *NO HOME APPLIANCES/FURNITURE/ELECTRONICS




  • DAY 1: $50                      
  • DAY 2: $100
  • DAY 3: $150
  • DAY 4: $200
  • DAY 5: $250
  • DAY 6: $300
  • DAY 7: $350


FAILURE to collect remaining items of clothing on LAST DAY OF RENTAL AGREEMENT, the rack holder will be charged an ADDITIONAL $50 PER DAY FEE will apply if the items are not collected on last day of rental. Clothing that is not collected will be placed in a bag and will be available to pick up at the counter. The late collection fee of $50/day will be deducted from the proceeds of sales from your rack or other rental options you have purchased. If after 7 Days and rack holder has still not collected the items, it will become property of RENT THAT RACK.


What To Put On Tags:


  1. Rack/Shelf/Cabinet/Expensive Garment Number #... (Top Right Hand Corner)
  2. Selling Price (Bottom Right Hand Corner)
  3. Brand and Short Description (Centre of Tag)