Rent That Rack Is The Only Place To Sell Your Pre-Loved Clothing, Shoes And Accessories Without Having To Sit In A Market Stall All Day Or Having To Give Away Your Unwanted Items! Now You Can Recycle Your Old Clothes And Make 100% Of The Profits!

We Understand That People Are Time Poor! So That Is Why We Have Created This Space For Everyone To Enjoy.

Our Boutique And Market Also Allows You To Find Current Trending Products And Gifts.
See Us In Store Or Call Us To Make A Booking!
Happy Shopping!


  • Decide Your Stall Size. SINGLE RACK: $79/Week | FAMILY RACK: $119/Week

SINGLE RACK – 45 PIECES AT ANY ONE TIME (Including Shoes) Example: 40 Garments + 5 Pairs Of Shoes 

       FAMILY RACK - 100 PIECES AT ANY ONE TIME (Including Shoes) Example: 95 Garments + 5 Pairs Of Shoes 

*Please Note That All Handbags, Jewellery and Accessories such as Sunglasses, Bags, Scarves etc. Are A Separate Booking And Are Kept In Our Closed Cabinet Option.

  • Pre – Purchase Your Booking Online Or See Us In Store To Make A Booking (Please Note: That We Do Not Accept Payment For Over The Phone Bookings) Please Book Online Or See Us In Store To Make A Booking.
  • To Confirm Booking Date, Please Contact Us In Store Or Over The Phone To Secure Your Date And Confirm Availability, Even If You Have Booked Online - You Will Need To Confirm Dates 
  • Online Bookings: As A Requirement For All Rack Holders Who Pre-Purchase Their Bookings Online – Valid Photo ID Will Be Required In Store, Day Of Rental Commencement.
  • All Items Brought To Rent That Rack Must Be Pre Tagged With Correct Description Of Item, Price and Rack Number. (No Rack Number? Item Will Be Placed In Lost Property)
  • We Provide The Hangers and Racks – They Are Proper Commercial Shop Fittings So You Will Not Need To Worry About Them Breaking/Collapsing.
  • Once You Have Set Up Your Stall, Visit Or Call Us Anytime To Track Your Sales and Refill Your Rack (Please Note: We Will Not Quote Exact Price In Sales Over The Phone, – Please Visit In Store To Check)
  • Tag and Safety Pin Pack Of (45) Can Be Purchased In Store For $5/Pack Or You Can Supply Your Own.
  • Your Items Must Be Pre-Tagged Before Commencing Your Rental
  • Throughout The Rental Term You Can Come In Store And Refill Your Rack (Abiding Garment Amount) And You Can Alter The Prices Of Your Garments At Any Time (A Staff Member Will Need To Approve This And Using Our Marker)
  • On Day Of Rack Rental You Must Come In With All Tagged Clothing, Shoes etc. Prior To Opening. We Accept Rack Holders at 8AM – 9AM. Store Opens To Public At 9AM. (Please Allow Around 30 Mins To Set Up Your Stall)
  • On Last Day Of Rack Rental You Must Come In Between 5PM – 6PM. Store Closes To The Public At 5PM* Please Allow Plenty Of Time (Around 30 Mins To Pack Up Your Stall)
  • ** If You Can Not Come On The Day Of Your Rental Or Pick Up Day On Last Day Of Rental And Require A Staff Member To Remain The Night Before You Start Or A Later Pick up Time: An Additional $25/Fee Per Hour Will Apply! (Please See Full Terms and Conditions)
  • *** Please Note – If No Pick Up Time Is Confirmed Once Rack Rental Is Completed, An Additional Late $50/Day Fee Will Apply (Deducted From Your Sales) For Up To Seven Days! Your Clothing Will Be Placed In A Bag For Collection At The Counter. (Please See Full Terms and Conditions) Failure To Collect Items After The 7 Day Period Has Elapsed, Your Items Will Become Property Of Rent That Rack*
  • Your Tags Are Collected When Items Have Been Sold, and Are Placed In A Individually Numbered Container Behind The Counter.
  • Within 7 Days Of Your Rack Rental Ending, The Confirmed Amount Will Be Deposited In The Nominated Bank Account.

* Please Read Full Terms and Conditions. We Assume You Have Read All Terms And Conditions And Failure To Read Full Terms And Conditions Is Not The Responsibility Of Rent That Rack.